A Revolution

At Voxelis, we're transforming helicopter aviation by equipping helicopters with the latest in Artificial Intelligence technology.


Every day, thousands of helicopter crews perform complex missions in the most inaccessible areas of the earth.  

VoxVision transforms them into flying AI-enabled learning platforms to collect data and increase misson effectiveness.

Technology and Data Partners
What is

VoxVison is an AI edge computing platform and sensor suite that transforms the helicopter into a data collection platform.

The Latest Tools

VoxVision equipped helicopters arrive at wildfires ready for thermal scans, mapping, and environmental monitoring.

Innovative Dataset

Helicopters operate in a regime between high altitude/satellites and low level UAVs, providing a massive dataset opportunity for understanding the earth and environment.

Direct to User

The VoxVision platform will allow a seamless experience for data users and helicopter operators to coordinate data acquisition.

For Operators

Increase the utility of your fleet for your customers, understand your fleet better, automate time-consuming tasks, and open new revenue opportunities through automated data collection.

Low SWaP Gimbal System

Add value for your wildfire, powerline, and energy customers with a low Size, Weight and Power gimbal system with visual and infrared capabilities.

Aircraft Data 

Understand aircraft usage, health, and costs with deep-learning powered insights.

Increased Safety

Computer vision and other sensors can provide obstacle and other warnings to aid crew awareness.

Just the Beginning

Unlock new functionalities with simple software updates as we develop them and as new technologies become available.

Digitizing the World

The helicopter transforms into a data collection and processing platform, adding value for customers, with seamless delivery through our platform.

For Industry & Academia

Data on demand without leaving the office, or use the Voxelis Global Environment Model (GEM).

The data collection potential of the civil helicopter fleet, unleashed.

GEM is a curated collection of geospatial data collected by our VoxVision partners, and our proprietary deep-learning based earth and atmosphere models.

  • 2D Imagery
  • Carbon Emissions
  • Digital Elevation Models
  • Event-triggered data
  • Video
  • Remote uplink
  • Environmental Data
GIS Integration
3D Path Planning & Control

VoxNav uses data from VoxVision & Voxelis GEM to provide the most advanced, deep-learning based flight path planning tool available, with continuous refinement and improvements validated in the real operating environment.

3D Path Planning

The VoxNav engine emulates human decision-making, selecting a 3D flight path while factoring in environmental and aircraft parameters, mirroring the process of an experienced pilot.

Environment Modeling

Environmental data, real-world validation, and machine learning, combine to create realistic environmental models to use in computing flight paths.

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The future.

The helicopter industry faces a growing shortage of the most experienced pilots, which will impact our ability to fight wildfire in the future.

VoxVision and VoxNav will also serve as the training platform for Voxelis AI Pilot - the world's most advanced AI helicopter pilot - to ensure our industry's ability to protect our forests and the environment remains and improves in the future.